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We are pleased that you have stopped by to learn more about us. Our mission is to provide guidance, tools and solutions for organisations, teams and individuals to increase knowledge and awareness of mental health, wellbeing and neurodiversity and promote inclusion and diversity in society.

We would love to work with you to create empowering and inclusive workplaces where individuals can thrive.

You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.C.S Lewis

About me

Olga is a passionate mental health consultant whose mission is to support individuals and organisations with their mental health, wellbeing and diversity and inclusion strategies and programs.

Her vision is to work towards a future where each individual, neurotypical or neurodivergent, is celebrated for their uniqueness, their talents, and their strengths. Working to maximise human potential and create a strengths based culture in workplaces that focuses on empowering individuals.

How we Can work Together

Wellbeing Workshops

Maintain wellbeing in the workplace by lowering stress levels, having a self compassionate approach towards life and celebrating our strengths.

Our most popular topics are:

    • Mindfulness based stress reduction 
    • Self Compassion
    • Emotional Boundaries
    • Managing Chronic Pain at work

The usual workshop duration is 2 hour 30 minutes, however, we are happy to  accommodated to your organisations needs.

Our workshops can be delivered face to face or via online platforms such as Teams or Zoom.

Mental Health Awareness Programs

Understanding Mental Illness workshops are educational and practical. Ideal for Mental Health First Aiders and Managers alike.

Delivered face to face or online, half and full days options.

Expand your current knowledge on how to support those in need and how to spot red flags in those around you.

The programs are designed to promote positive mental health and demonstrate easy to use techniques to support change and make adjustments in your day to day activities.

Neurodiversity Champions Training Program

Neurodiversity Champions Program: Ideal for HR teams and wellbeing champions, Team Leads, DEI officers.

Module 1: Awareness – Gain knowledge on neurodivergent conditions to provide needs based support to neurominorities in the workplace.  

Module 2 : Become a neurodiversity smart employer. Explore challenges and strengths of neurodivergent individuals.

Module 3: Explore how to provide reasonable adjustments through inclusion and support plans to maximise employee satisfaction and retention.

Neurodiversity Advocacy at work: Ideal for all. Celebrate strengths and improve integration at work

Parenting Workshops

Parenting workshops are run either online or face to face, online, in schools or in corporate offices. Our workshops offer a safe, confidential space in which you can share your concerns and worries and grasp an understanding of your children’s emotional needs and development, learn conflict resolution,  calming, communication and getting along techniques.

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