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  • 🧠 Neurodiversity Awareness Training: Become a neurodiversity smart employer!! Explore and understand the different neurodivergent conditions and traits, their strengths so that you can tap upon a tool of talent to support your business and help your employees to thrive. Becoming more neuro-inclusive starts with awareness from the top down.
  • 🧠 Neurodiversity Champions Program: Ideal for HR teams, wellbeing champions, MHF aiders, Line managers, Team leads . With knowledge on neurodiverse conditions you can provide a needs based support to neurodivergent individuals. Working with your neurodivergent community on creating a culture of inclusion through inclusion plans, network support groups and activities, education programs for wider awareness within the business,
  • 🧠 Neurodiversity Advocacy at work:  Ideal for all. Celebrate strengths and improve integration at work. Neurodiversity advocates can support neurodivergent individuals in their day to day work, support their mental health and wellbeing and support with needs based approach.