Family struggles can impact concentration at work affecting productivity and work relations. I am thrilled to bring to your place of work what you need to feel better equipped in your family life so that you can exceed and thrive in your work life”.

While working with parents in schools and private settings, I realised that I was missing connecting with those parents who work full time, have busy schedules and very little time left at the end of the day to sit and listen to a full 2 hour workshop on anxiety, behaviour etc.

I had been there and I know how frustrating it is to feel left out of an opportunity to learn about child development, worries, fears and how to make your family life a more harmonious place.

With that in mind, I have designed ‘Lunch and Learn’ work shops delivered at the work place of those busy full time working mums and dads.

The workshops are an hour long, handouts are provided and access to contacting me directly via email with any queries or questions that were not answered during the workshop.

If your organisation is looking into improving employee wellbeing and mental health awareness in the family nucleus, please do contact me with more details.