In House Parenting Consultation

Family life can be a place of refuge, a source of support and security but sometimes relationships within family members are put under strain. Every family has its problems, whether those problems are as commonplace as not knowing how to deal with a  teenager, or as complex as trying to cope with a family breakdown or mental health issues.

The truth is that raising children can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster! And that is why parents need all the support they can get.

Managing a good family dynamic takes commitment, time, patience and practice. Keeping all family members happy is no easy.

I work in partnerships with parents providing an empowering and non judgmental environment in which to explore short and long term goals, find the right tools and techniques to resolve the issues and therefore strengthen their parenting confidence.

Happy, peaceful family-life can only really be achieved with the perfect combination of compromise, order, mutual respect and understanding.

Family coaching sessions are designed to provide families with the perfect combination of tools and techniques to resolve conflicts, improved communication among members to transform a difficult living situation into a comfortable one.

I offer in-home parent consultations to :

  • Improve Parenting Skills by  helping the whole family to communicate better and to understand and resolve differences.
  • Learn techniques to manage day to day challenges
  • Support either the Parent or Child with Mental health issues
  • Improve family dynamics
  • Siblings rivalry
  • Children’s behaviors and how to prevent problems before they escalate.
  • Greater understanding of Children development and behaviours.
  • Problem solving Techniques

Please contact me for a 30 minute Free Consultation to discuss your parenting needs or if you have any queries.