Welcome to my workshops!!

I am thrilled to be able to share with you techniques, strategies, information… and above all, a safe space in which you can unwind, learn, ask questions and share your parenting experiences and together we can find new ways to have a more fulfilling, happy and peaceful family life.

My workshops are designed to provide parents with easy to absorb information on key psychological theories on child development to provide a solid ground from which to start understanding how children develop cognitively, emotionally, socially and morally. The theoretical content is followed by open discussions on strategies and techniques that we can use to help our children develop and grow, manage big emotions, expectations and thoughts and learn how to support them better so they feel understood, heard and unconditionally accepted.

There are different delivery methods:

  1. Private small workshops at a convenient location local to you
  2. Lunch and Learn Corporate settings workshops at your workplace to serve those parents working full time. I am committed to support as many parents as possible and I can commute to your workplace within 30 miles away radio.
  3. In You Local School – I can deliver workshops in your local school with a minimum attendance of 12 parents and within 30 miles from my original location.
  4. Through our online system and run at suitable times for those parents that cannot attend school or corporate workshops.

Attendees to the workshops are presented with the resources presented in the workshop and have email access to the workshop facilitator to ask any questions that were not answered during the workshop running time. The email access is available for a week post workshop attendance.

For further information and to book either a one on one or group workshop or to discuss a tailor made workshop, fees and availability, Please contact me