Parenting is the most exciting and rewarding job that we have ever had and yet it can be one of the most frustrating and difficult experience that we can encounter. As parents we thrive to provide our children with everything we belief they need, emotionally and physically, and yet we are faced with long faces, tantrums, misbehaviour and at times ungratefulness … and are buttons are pushed, we get triggered and we yell.

This program comprises of a series of one three hour sessions that focus on providing parents with information on:

>Their children’s needs as per Human Needs Psychology.

>Their children’s preferred love language

>Their children’s developmental stages

>Problems Solving and Connecting Techniques

>Communication Techniques

>Conflict Resolution Techniques

>And how to stay calm, compassionate and regulated while under pressure.

>Brain development and the whys of tantrums

You can join my Parenting Programs in your Local school, a private home on a one to one basis or in your local area at a convenient venue.

Understanding Fears, Worries and Anxieties in Children

A little anxiety is good, it makes us want to do well in a performance, a test and exam, an interview. When anxiety,worries and fears paralyse is and interfere with our children’s day to day activities is becomes very debilitating for the child and the family.

Parents hold a unique knowledge on their children, they are the key to early intervention when ti comes to worries and fears that lead to anxiety however we often feel ill equipped to help our children.

This program will provide you with:

>Information on anxiety, the behaviours and physical symptoms that you will see in your child.

>How the brain works,

>CBT Techniques that can help you help your child.