World Mental Health day 2019 presentation on Video Games, Social Media and Screen time and the impact on our children.

Technological changes have transformed the way our children interact with the world. Their generation has been targeted for consumer products and goods and it has affected the way they socialize with their peers, their family relations and their relationship with themselves. This workshop is designed to provide parents with the information that they need to better understand why video games, social media and TV have taken over our children’s lives. It focuses on facts about the developing brain, the role of dopamine and the importance of attachment as a primary human need. Once we make sense of the different developmental stages in our children, we will look at strategies to put in place to encourage more face to face social interaction, healthier relations and more harmonious family life. There will be an opportunity for group discussions and questions and answers for those parents that wish to share their experiences and find more specific ways of helping their children.